mono no aware


I think this japanese term – found as the header of the post – is so beautiful, also because of what it means…

Here’s what Wikipedia tells us about it:

Mono no aware, literally “the pathos of things”, and also translated as “an empathy toward things”, or “a sensitivity to ephemera”, is a Japanese term for the awareness of impermanence, or transience of things, and both a transient gentle sadness (or wistfulness) at their passing…”

So mono no aware, as everything is always changing – so it is with Wellabe…

Maybe we’ll meet again someday, somewhere… You never know!

But for now, Wellabe will proudly step off from the stage and I will just say THANK YOU for every single reader and visitor here on the blog site. (Thank you also for all you Wellabe Facebook-peeps. So many of you, wowza!)


Keep sparkling wellabees! I know that’s what you were meant to do…

♥  Viola

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if I would have never travelled…

Since I was a little girl, I loved to travel.

I think these days I’m a pretty flexible traveller cause of the fact thatI spent a huge part of my childhood in the backseat of a car, exploring Europe.

In the pic you see me sitting and waiting for the breakfast partying to begin… This is in Southern France.


But if I would have never travelled…

…I would not know how good this is:



I remember the first time eating sushi. The fear, the excitement, the weird green paste on the plate that I chose to taste with a big spoon.

And later on, the addiction was born…

… If I never had travelled I wouldn’t have tasted this:


How can something so simple taste so good? Coney Island made me a lemonade-lover.

… And if I hadn’t travelled I would have never seen this sign (oh romance!):


So yea – if you ask me… Traveling is a pretty good little happiness-vitamin of its own.

Use it wildly – no need to worry about the dosage.

This vitamin works wonders every time…


often you gotta travel far to find where home is,

♥  Viola

Delicious blogs ahead!

I love blogs, especially food, style and home decor-related ones. Lately I have been rushing around with a pace that hasn’t really allowed me to dive into the amaxing depths of the internet and search for new blog world goodies… But today I had a moment to do just that!

So, these cuties are my newly found blog gems:

Cake Maker to the Starsa lot of pictures of Ethiopian food, makes me wanna dive into new recipes!

(all pics from the blog)


Post Punk Kitchen – How have I missed this one? Since my daily eating habits are very close to being a vegan, I love place where I can find recipes that match this criteria. So I have no idea why I haven’t bumped into this blog way earlier!

(all pics from the blog)



This blog is one that I already knew of before, but if some of you haven’t yet heard of My New Roots – check it now. Healthy eating made sexy… Just look at the Raw Brownie below. Oh my.

(all pics from the blog)


blog ’till you drop,

♥  Viola


I love cauliflower.

And now I have found a new way to use it, making it into a potato mash-sort of a dish with my beloved Vitamix. And oh my, how can you get something so good from just a few ingredients? I think it’s thanks to the cauliflower itself but also to the incredible forces of my blender – cause with the Vitamix you can turn the cauliflower into a super smooth mash.

And by the way, did you know that in one cup of cauliflower there’s 85.9 % of the recommended amount of vitamin-C you need daily? You also get (to name a few goodies) folate, vitamin B6, potassium and fiber.

So with that said – it’s time for some delicious cauliflower mash:


Cauli me flower – mash

What you’ll need:

1 cauliflower

some good salt (I used Himalayan pink salt)

a bit of water/milk of your choice (I use oat milk)

a little bit of organic butter

(I added two carrots as well, to get a bit of color)

1. Cook in a modest amount of boiling water the cauliflower until tender (but still al dente).

2. Let the cauliflower cool off a bit. Then put it into your blender.

3. Add a splash of milk/water, salt and about a teaspoon (or more if you feel wild) of organic butter.

4. Blend.


♥  Viola

When I was a kid…


If I’d only known that one day, all grown up, I would…

… meet people who would charm me with their spark – only to leave me alone when I least expect it.

… break my heart. Several times.

… cry my eyes out with sorrow more scary than any monster out there.

… lose my greatest (furry) friend ever, which I at the time had yet only dreamt about.

… feel like all alone in the world. All alone.

… not get the thing that I most wanted.

… find out that boys can be really, really mean.

… have a friend and make heart-shaped promises of a lifelong friendship…. Then loose the friend.

If I’d only known these things – maybe I would not have wanted to grow up. Like ever.



But then again – if I’d only known that one day, all grown up, I would…

… meet people that would charm me – time and time again… And never leave my side.

… find out that your heart heals, even after the biggest of bumps in the road.

… giggle my ass off, daily. (grown ups giggle too!)

… have the most sweetest & wisest furry friend. And yes, one day I would have to let her go – but knowing that I got to know the dog with a heart of gold and a nose tip cuter than anything else in the world.

… find a friend. Keep a friend.

… not get the thing I most wanted. And later realize it really wasn’t what I wanted after all – and then getting something way better, something I didn’t even know existed.

… find out that boys are, in the end, so damn cute.

… that I would feel lonely, more than once… Only to realize that love was just around the corner.


… Knowing all that, I think I would’ve said… LET’S GROW UP ALREADY!

♥  Viola

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my very own Central Park

I love Central Park in New York. It’s just a place of happiness that I like to think of whenever I want to bring back a memory of a fun, lovely space… Central Park just does it for me. And one day I can see myself living in NY, even if only for a while – but so that I could make my dream of a morning jog and an afternoon coffee in the park come true…

But today on my morning jog I realized I have my very own Central Park here in Helsinki. It is not exactly as huge as the original one, but it was oh so pretty and the smell of autumn in the air made it just picture perfect…


IMG_3146 - Versio 2

loving my park,

♥  Viola

I am dreaming of

I really would love to have a little city garden of my own….

Pinterest is great to offer some green-inspiration:




If you got the bucks, you can buy the Indoor Garden which makes your gardening easier.

But I am gonna do it the old fashioned way and go and start by buying some soil…

More on this soon!

So off I go soil-shopping (that sounds charmingly hillybillyish),

♥  Viola

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