Wellabe is loving this month…

Okay, so earlier I promised to do something special to celebrate Wellabe’s 1st birthday… (The big day was on the 12th of this month, if you’re craving to know the exact date)

The plan was to make a great video for you guys, or something else extra fun.

But since I am now here in the US (new readers o’hoy; if you need updates where I am and why, go here. There you’ll find an old post that will explain all this traveling a bit), I have kinda been just living life and getting used to everything new… But now it’s about time to start blogging again!

So anyway, my apologies, no fancy birthday-day videos popping up here on the blog today. But what I would like to do, is to ask you guys a question in the form of a poll. (Oh what a glamorous way to celebrate a birthday, right? A poll, so wild!). This is because I really get so much inspiration from every single visit I get from you on this site that I really want to know what you guys are most interested in. (And if you cannot decide – no panic – you can choose multiple answers) 


But hey, since it IS a birthday celebration month, I have to add some fun stuff to this post. And what could be more fun when it’s your b-day (well or the month of your birthday…or your blog’s) than… CHOCOLATE!

To go to this mouthwatering chocolate fudge-recipe, click here. Have a yummy, chocolatey weekend!

pics: My New Roots-blog, Pinterest / unknown

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