happy head

The picture above captures my state of mind pretty well right now… Cause I am sort of in a very uncertain situation (if you think of boring stuff like money…and oh yea, having an apartment).

Right now I am just concentrating on traveling, waking up to see the sun rising above the mountains, seeing deers in the backyard… The normal stuff.

Flying from Helsinki (my home city) to the States alone was one of the greatest trips I have done. I wanted to scream things like “Freedom!” and “Here I am, doing this all by myseeeelf!” out loud. (But I didn’t – security men don’t really appreciate that kind of crazy joy at airports.)

So anyway, now I am here at my destination, soon been living here for two weeks. And already just these soon-to-be two weeks have felt like a great, big brain-vacation. My head feels like so much lighter and happier! Yay for happy heads!

My point is, that sometimes you have to do stuff that could look like pointless through the eyes of some… But in your heart – you know they have more meaning than any savings account could ever have.

 ♥  Viola

pics:  littlesimplemoments.tumblr.com, blog.whereisthecool.com

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