what’s in your fridge?

Many people often ask me what are my favorite foods or what type of a diet plan I follow. Well first of all I want to say that I hate the word diet! Eeek. Makes me think of my days as a crazy calorie counter-chick… I can tell you that counting calories like a maniac ain’t a fun lifestyle.

But yea, back to the point. My diet these days changes during the seasons (winter in Finland is kinda tough and my usually huge salad cravings always go down a bit), but I can tell you the simple guidelines here; lots of fresh food and very little junk!

But because a picture speaks louder than a thousand words – here are some snapshots of all kinds of foods I’ve been eating lately.

a big green salad with fresh herbs + some lemon pasta

a bowl of fresh pineapple and berries

homemade eggplant-fries

my Rawsome Apple Pie

grilled veggies

a summery salad with broccoli and halloumi

miso soup

some raw-chocolate cookies that I made like in 5 minutes

And onto the drinks…

a very yummy cappuccino (when I drink coffee, I drink great coffee)

also a yummy one – now a Cosmopolitan in Stockholm

and to balance; a healthy drink – and a very tasty one too


That was my little and very random food journal!

♥ Viola

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