changelicious stuff

Are you dreaming of doing or having something totally new in your life? Or is it maybe just a small thing you’d like to see change in…?

What ever it is, don’t be afraid of the stress that comes before new beginnings, changes, big life jumps. Cause the stress always comes.

But that stress, the anxiety, the feelings of fear that the change can bring to the surface – that’s where the magic happens. It’s the same as when a piece of cole has to go through some rocky times to become a diamond. Cheesy, oh yes. But also true.

Cause you will not truly shine and glow without having few ups and downs in life, that’s just the way life works. Cause especially the low points, challenges and set backs are the magical spots that make you realize what truly matters and especially, what truly matters to you. 

I think the most living-life-to-the-fullest people are those who aren’t afraid to try new things, fail at some and change their perspectives when needed. Cause often, especially with life-changing stuff, the time before the change actually happens is like a test period… When you pass – you get to the other side, where there can be a whole new world waving at you and greeting you with a big fat hug.

But wow, sometimes it is beyond amazing how it can feel – stepping out of your comfort zone and your daily habits – it’s like you are breathing new fresh air on the doorstep to your life.

So go out there, get uncomfortable, go beyond the limits. Cause all the dreaming and wishing alone will not get you anywhere – you need to move towards your dreams, literally. If your dream is to open a cupcake bakery; go to a baking course or start cupcake tastings at your house to spread your talent… That’s how the big dream cupcake will one day hit you in the face ! And with that I mean your big success, your dream life, your sweet tasting passion… Sweet, huh?

And remember:

♥ Viola



2 thoughts on “changelicious stuff

  1. That is so true (why am I writing in English??). Changing for a better version of yourself is one of the best feelings ever! Viola is so insightful. 🙂

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