Smoothie girl gone juicy

I had never tried to make my own juice – well not until today! And oh my juicylicious what I have been missing out on. Of course I have had juices before, but just never made them myself. I guess it’s partly because I always loved my smoothies so much that I just didn’t get around to juicing.

But today as I got to make my own juice with my friend’s juicer, I just simply fell in love. Juicy kind of love…

Juicing is just so easy, fast and simple, and the juice… just YUMMY. I made my juice out of carrots, apples and spinach. And the glowy drink tastes nothing like the juices you can buy from the store… No, it’s like drinking summer from a glass, the flavors are just so fresh!

Now a few juicing tips, if you are new to juicing:

♥ drink the juice immediately after making it; fresh juice has a increased vulneralibity to bacteria when stored

♥ juicing is a great way to get your body pumped up with antioxidants (in one study they found that 90% of the antioxidants are in the juice, not the fruit) – BUT remember also to munch on fruits and veggies without juicing them, as the fiber in them helps to keep the blood sugar levels stable (juice has more sugar in it – though a natural source of sugar, it’s still sugar)

♥ try beets, carrots and greens for fun deep colored juices

And here’s the super simple recipe for the juice I made today (amazing for the skin by the way – carrots are one of the greatest skin-beauty boosting foods):

Bunny Food-juice

apples (2-3, depending how much juice you want)

carrots (3-4)

some spinach

1. Dice all the ingredients (depending on your juicer, you may have to dice them into pretty small cubes)

2. Put them into the juicer, bit by bit…

3. Say “Whaaat? Was it this simple?” and get ready to gulp down the sweet drink!

♥  Viola

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