Feedback time!

Feeling a little stressed out and craving for an energy boost? Then you should go and read my guest blog post “Get your fall groove on!”  from the lovely Christy Foster’s Soul Carrot website.

…And if you need some va-va-voomalicious beauty tippies (tips = tippies… I just like to invent new words) – check out my article from Nourished Community‘s site… Beauty tips that you can EAT! How great is that?

And now onto today’s main topic; the video message I have for you guys!

By the way,  apologies for the low volume with the recording on the video (when I speak on the clip) – editing didn’t go so smoothly so my voice is weirdly silent. But anyway, watch the clip and after that send your feedback; here under this post, on Facebook/Twitter, or by e-mail; So, pretty please, tell me; WHAT DO YOU WANT TO READ ABOUT @ WELLABE BLOG?

Wellabe on Twitter

Wellabe on Facebook

Thank you guys!

♥ Viola


One thought on “Feedback time!

  1. I would to see more of your videos, I love them! I’d especially would love a video with juicing tips, cause I am new to that… love the blog, keep rocking it


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