whipalicious times

I made some banana whip today. Yum.

If you don’t know what this amazing sweet treat is like,

here’s some reference in the form of yummy pics:

What you need for this great ice creamy treat:

Ba-Ba-Boom Banana Whip


(-peanut butter / cashew butter, if you like nutty flavors)

-toppings of your choice

1. Freeze the bananas. (Peel them before freezing – it’s not very easy to peel ice cold frozen bananas. I tried, so believe me.)

2. Put the frozen bananas into your blender – blend until smooooooth. Add the peanut/cashew butter if you want a nutty kind of a whip. Put the whip back to the freezer if necessary. (if the whip is too gooey)

3. Now to the fun part: When the whip’s texture is just right – take it out and choose your delicious toppings.

Suggestions for toppings; dark chocolate chips, cacao nibs, carob chips, crushed nuts, fresh fruit, apple suryp, a drizzle of honey…

Holy cow, can you believe there’s a recipe this simple and so yummy? I know I couldn’t, but now I do! And as an eternal ice cream devotee I am very happy that I found a healthier alternative to spend my future hot summer days with… So a lot of banana whip making ahead!

♥ Viola

pics: justcookalready.com, ambitiouskitchen.com, dailyunadventuresincooking.com

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