Santa baby…

I am already feeling the Christmas vibes, though it’s not even Halloween yet! And although I am looking forward to my very first real american Halloween – I still cannot help it, Christmas just is my holiday baby number one.

And this year I have only one wish for Christmas. Just one simple wish. (okay it’s a pricey one…but just ONE)

So Santa, hear me out sweetie pie… This is what I long for… badly… 

This amazing machine, which is of course the mother of all the blenders… A beautiful white Vitamix.

Oh bliss if I could ever get my hands on this baby… You can do anything with it!


♥ Viola

ps. By the way, I have been wondering why cannot they already play the christmassy Nat King Cole tunes on the radio? Those songs never get old… Yes, I know- I’ve become one of those Christmas freaks. And I am weirdly happy to be one!



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