Shall we?

I think the hardest thing about living life to the fullest is in the part where you have to start making your dreams come true. Cause the dreaming part is just easy breezy business, but the starting and working at it – not always a walk in the park. But once you take the plunge and hop on the train… You are on it baby. Just hang in there for the first part – the beginning is often the hardest. You and your dreams are being tested; there’s always challenges at first. Go through them, smile at some and just ignore the rest. Especially if the challenges are people – just believe me; the people in your life should make you feel good about yourself and your life – not vice versa. Yes, so simple and oh so easy to forget. So only pick the best people to be in your crew – you’ll have enough challenges ahead of you anyway, without having to deal with emotional bullies or other enchanting personalities.

The life I am living now may seem like a carefree one but I can assure you… There has been times that were not so glamorous.

To come to this point in life where I am at right now I have had to:

work several jobs that I didn’t like at all/that I felt useless doing (but now it all makes sense)

give away my apartment and move back home to be able to study (auch – a slap in my independent face!)

take a loan from the bank to pay for my new school

sell a big part of my belongings to be able to travel to the US (where I am right now)

So yea, what I am trying to say with these life facts of mine… You got to keep your focus on your dreams and just be open to change. Things gotta be shaken and stirred a bit before amazing stuff can happen. Get through the shaking and stirring and oh yea… things will start to happen.

So  get out there and do your thing, whatever that thing is for you. And smile even when struggling – your dreams will find you easier if you are grinning.

♥ Viola

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