starry starry night

Today I had one of those magical traveller’s moments.

I was walking through a huge parking lot from one shop to another, with a Gingerbread Latte fresh from Starbucks in my hand and suddenly  I just realized what a gorgeous fall evening was surrounding me. There were trees covered in twinkly christmas lights everywhere, the crisp fall air blended into the scents of fried food and coffee and the mountains were like the most beautiful silhouette around all of this.

And as I continued walking, a song that I love started playing from the speakers outside on the street. And I was so happy, right there and then. I couldn’t help smiling, just because. All the stressed out feelings that I have had for a couple of days just melted away. Every sip from my delicious drink helped to banish the worries, and every look I made towards the darkening starry sky cleared up room inside of me for new things, new beginnings, new thoughts.

I have been traveling since September, but in a good way it feels like a year. I have gotten a totally new perspective on things that felt unclear before I left home. Sometimes you really need the distance to see things better; things that are right in front of you and some that you need to reach for from a bit further away.

Traveling. Sometimes a bit hard on your heart. But mostly just magic.

♥ Viola

ps. This was the song I listened to under twinkly trees:

pic:, Pinterest

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