chocolatey morning starter

How would it sound to start your day with chocolate? Oh yea darling, you heard me…

This chocolatey oatmeal can be done in two ways; either in a blender (if you want it raw/really quickly done) or by cooking it (doesn’t take long either).

Good Morning sweetie! – oatmeal dream

– 1 cup of oats

– about 3/4 cup (I just eyeball the amount) of water/almond milk (or whatever milk you want)

– 1-2 tablespoons (raw) cocoa powder (start with one and see if you need more… I do two)

– a pinch of salt

– cinnamon

– a bit of raw honey / stevia

– some semi-sweet chocolate chips / carob chips (on top)

Blender way: Put everything (except the chocolate/carob chips) in your blender and blend. Add chips on top and dive in…

Cooking it: Bring the water to a boil (you might need more when cooking it), add the oats + other ingredients (except the chips). Let the oatmeal cook for 5-10 minutes, depending on your oats. When ready, sprinkle the chips on top and serve from a cute bowl.

♥ Viola

ps. I didn’t have a picture of my oatmeal to put in here cause it always gets eaten before I remember that I should take a photo… Sooo that is why the picture is from Pastry Affair.


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