The best kind of fever

I feel like this little fellow when thinking about my trip… May I rock through the airport like this?

So it's gonna be only four days and then I am off to San Fransisco! Or actually my trip will start off from Frisco, but I will leave to Death Valley on the first night - I will be going on an adventure bus trip! Then after four nights on the road I will get back to San Fransisco and stay there for a couple of days... (A big fat WOHOO is in order here! The travel fever is on...)

I already have a long list of great San Fransisco tips I got from friends; where to go/great places to eat/cool biking routes etc… I would love to see and do everything, but I hate having rigid schedules so I will just go where the winds take me… (and I have heard it is really windy, so that’ll be exiting, heheee)

Well anyway, here are some of the places I would love to see (just no name a few):

Painted Ladies 

Pier39 & the sealions

Golden Gate Bridge & Golden Gate Park

San Fransisco Museum of Modern Art

Lombard Street

Painted ladies 

What I would love to eat/drink:

Yummy healthy foods at Cafe Gratitude

Soup in a bowl – maybe at Boudin Bakery

A real american breakfast + a pot of coffee at Golden Coffee

Juice from Juicey Lucy’s

Gingerbread Cupcake at Miette


flowers in my hair,



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