far away & still at home

Couple of fun things that crossed my path in San Fransisco 

– Lots of beautifully messy, interesting and colorful things to see

– A slightly crazy gentleman who sat beside in a bus and was very eager to talk to me about my whole life history – and after every sentence I said he praised me to his invisible friend… 

– An ice skating rink that was surrounded by palm trees

– Christmas lights & seasonal music playing everywhere

– A bus driver that gave me a ticket I could ride the buses all day long with – for the price of a normal single ticket

– All the various tourists that asked advice from me on the street and on the BART – thank you! You made me feel like I may have actually looked like a local for a second…

– The stewardess on the flight back who kept humming “baum tsika baum baum”

And I cannot even begin to list all the things that fascinated and amazed me during the Death Valley bus trip I did before my couple day stay in San Fransisco… I can just say the trip to the desert was one of the best things EVER. Yes, I really have to use capitals on that one.

Feeling lucky (now in LA),

♥ Viola


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