airport living

Lately I have been spending a lot of time at various airports around the States. And though my love for airports is still going strong, I can admit that this intense relationship takes its toll on me at times.

Cause although I do love airports (have done so ever since I was a kid), the flying part of traveling can be kinda annoying; after a lot of flying I sometimes feel a bit dried up and just not really that fresh. (Why do airplanes do that?) So, as I am soon gonna hop on another airplane again – this time flying for 8 hours (but yay, the next flight in only an HOUR. Wow – feels like nothing) – here are my tips on how to fight the feelings of tiredness and boredom when flying & traveling for hours (….and hours….and a couple more hours):

1. HYDRATE baby

Yep, you’ve heard it before and it is oh SO true. Drink a lot of water, as the air on the airplanes is really dry and makes you feel like a raisin in no time if you forget to gulp down some H2O. Another great alternative to good old water is aloe vera drinks. They are not available at this crappy terminal I am at now (at Chicago O’Hare), but they are sold pretty widely in many stores/coffee shops these days. So if you haven’t tested the amazingly hydrating aloe, try it – and feel like a plump grape instead of an old wrinkly raisin after your flight!


2. Bandaids

I carry bandaids in my purse all the time – just in case. And anytime I don’t – something happens. Just take my word on this one.


3. Energy bars

My favorite right now : Lärabars. They have just like five (real) ingredients in them so they really use good stuff in these. And they are yummy! At the moment I think my favorites are the Blueberry Muffin and Cashew Cookie.


4. Music

I just lost the rubbery things from my iPod’s headset – and I am grieving right now! (I still can listen to music, but the ear thingies feel all weirdo without the protective rubber on them) Music makes the waiting-for-my-plane-forevah!-part so much easier to cope with. Right now I am listening to Alicia‘s newest album.

5. Good shoes 

I have made the mistake of having hard-to-put-on shoes on me when flying – don’t you repeat this mistake! Right now I am traveling with my beloved boots that have become like a truly close friend to me. They are still sandy from my trip in the desert, but that just makes me like them even more. And they are easy to take off/put on when going through security. (If it would be summer, I might be wearing something like these Vans sneakers)

6. Chewing gum / mints

I don’t know why, but flying makes me want to chew gum/eat mints more. I guess it just makes me feel a bit more fresh! I love the finnish Jenkki Professional chewing gum, it is the best.


7. A nice, comfy outfit

A cute outfit that is super comfy to wear is a must. When I was young and dumb, I travelled in jeans a few times – oh no no no – not a good idea. Especially when it’s a long flight and your jeans are not the slouchy type but rather really tight ones. So stick with nice and soft materials. And remember to layer! (it always gets cold in the plane at some point) My favorite travel outfit at the moment is a light dress + leggings + those darling boots of mine that I already mentioned… Here you see this outfit in action in Death Valley, California.


Okay, now I gotta go and see if they’d have some hydralicious drinks here…

peace & good and comfy flight travels,

♥ Viola

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