be careful what you wish for…


Lately I have noticed that if I make a wish of some kind in my little head (not a wish like “I wish I’d be making out with Jude Law right now” – I am talking about more life-related wishes) – somehow things just seem to happen in a way that I find myself thinking, once again, “oh yea but now that this happened… that made me get my wish!” Cause often these wishes have arrived to me wrapped in some challenges – but once I have found my way through those rocky roads – I have found my wish at the end of the road, unwrapped!

Like some days ago, for example… Let me just start by saying I should have never said anything about very comfy traveling in my last post… Cause everything went SO wrong with my last (cancelled) flight back from the US. And all the stuff that happened at the airport after the flight was cancelled was pretty bad too… I won’t bore you guys with the details of my flight and all the crappiness around this issue, but let’s say there were so many problems that by the end of that day I just couldn’t do anything but smile – cause it was really just that bad that it was just tragically funny.

But anyways, after all those little challenges I faced at the airport with my cancelled flight and all that, I finally got to a hotel for the night (I had to stay longer in Sweden cause I couldn’t fly back home because of weather conditions)… Then at the hotel I remembered how I had earlier been wishing I could stay in Stockholm for a night cause I had to change flights here anyway… But since that wasn’t possible in any way, I just thought I’d only have a quick change of planes in Stockholm and then head back home to Helsinki.

But no no… So I sorta got my wish – since after all the miserable airport waiting… I did get to spend the night in Stockholm!


And this kind of things have been happening a lot lately. In LA, where I had another change of planes just a few weeks ago, a very similar thing happened. I was supposed to just quickly switch planes – instead, my flight was cancelled and I stayed in LA over night. And before this happened I had been talking about how badly I was hoping I could have even a few hours at LAX since I just love LA a lot and even staying at the airport there makes me happy… Well I got more than a few moments at LAX, I got a whole surprise visit in the city.

This has been happening with other things than flights too. One day I was hoping I would meet someone that would give a sign of some kind, tell me what way to take so I could go after my dreams – career wise. I do know what the things I love to work with are, but I was hoping to find some sort of a mentor… just someone who could give me a new perspective on certain things (that I was feeling stuck with). And then kaboom! Soon I met someone that could have been named Mr.Wise, since he was just a brilliantly intelligent person… And he gave me new ideas to think about and encouraged me to go along with my feelings, with everything in life.

There would be a few more examples about wishes coming to life, but these ones are so personal that I will just say that I got pretty clear answers to some questions around my personal life – just when I needed them.



Always dream. Make wishes, big and small. Smirk at challenges. Believe.

And stay weirdly optimistic about it all. 

“A dream is a wish your heart makes”

♥ Viola

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