New day, new notes.


If you haven’t yet heard of “Notes from the Universe”, I warmly recommend checking it out now.

And, if you sign-up for the notes (for free), you’ll start getting some very lovely e-mails to your inbox.

Here’s couple examples of some previous notes:

“Next time you overhear someone say they’re only human, be compassionate.

But remind them it’s only temporary. That before long they’ll be able to see their wings again,

speak in tongues, and blaze trails through eternity upon chariots of fire.

Much more dignified than just smacking them on the bum. 

The Universe”


“In time and space, if you just look for what’s right

in others, in relationships, in yourself and your journey —

you’ll always find it.  

Same when looking for what’s wrong.  

Tallyho, The Universe.”



♥ Viola


PS. It’s nice to have my Universe-notes to read especially on those days when I feel like that dude with the freaky mind.


PPS. And on those crazy mind-days, it’s good to remember what really matters. What we really are here for.

If you need some help remembering, here’s one of my all-time favorite videos:

(I think the very best version if the finnish one, but this one is in english since I figured there are some of you
who might not understand our quirky language)


And another good clip.

I think the message in this clip is just simply… true.


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