My little fellas


Oh how I love my little seed buddies… All seeds are great (in smoothies, salads, soups, baking etc.) but I love one seed fella more than any other right now. My beloved chia seeds.

Man these miniature thingies are powerful! Just to make it clear for you how powerful chia seeds really are, here’s some great information:


My favorite (and super easy) way to use my seedy friends is to blend;

– a few big tablespoons of chia seeds (you guessed this one, didn’t you?)

– a splash of almond milk

– stevia (just a bit)

– a dash of cinnamon & ground cloves/vanilla (or whatever spices you love)

– a handful of goji berries

– some chopped fresh berries/banana/fruit etc. 

… So you just blend everything together (in a small bowl), let it sit for about 15-30 minutes in the fridge…and oh my! You have a yummy, pudding-like snack/breakfast/healthy treat ready! (And you can add to that a glowing complexion, good digestion and other pretty nice things coming at your way after you’ve enjoyed your chias for a while.)


Scooping my chias into my bowl every morning…

 ♥ Viola

pics: Pinterest


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