Random tips for a good life

Just thought I’d share some really random tips for a good life with you guys… so here you go, sweetiepies, some of my tips on great, fun living:

1. Have a “lucky charm” piece of jewellery

It just makes life feel a tiny bit easier on hard days. Or sometimes it may not, but even then… You’ll look good wearing a bit of extra sparkle around you!

lucky charm viola

lucky charm

my lucky charm necklace has a text on it “to not dare is to have already lost…to not dare is to have already lost…”

2. Stretch.

Your body, your mind, the boundaries of your heart. Oh yea, deep stuff man, I know… But I think this is a key point, cause stretching your body and your inner world makes life just so much more vivid.


3. Try new foods.

Who ever claimed that veggies are boring or that healthy food is crap has not clearly tasted some of my favorite dishes. How about you make some hummus this weekend to enjoy with your breakfast bagel, or whip up a tasty dish of oven roasted beetroots and carrots drizzled with honey and served with some grilled goat cheese? Or maybe a dark chocolatey fudge with banana ice cream? Or… The list goes on and on. Get some inspiration from my favorite food app, Green Kitchen. (at their site their app is praised and called “food porn” which describes how annoyingly mouthwatering their recipes and pics really are… So be sure to have snacks nearby when using this app.)

4. Look at the stars.


If I need to explain to you why you should do this… Well, then you should clearly look at the stars more.

5. Discover your own style


Whatever that means to you.

loving my stretches, sparkles and food apps,

 ♥ Viola

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2 thoughts on “Random tips for a good life

  1. I just wanna say I LOVE your blog. It’s like great information wrapped in sparkles and I just enjoy your writings so much… Keep up the fantastic work!!! Xoxo

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