snack lovin’

I have some major snack crushes going on. Oh my, these little babies are dangerously addictive… 

P1020376 - Versio 2P1020385 - Versio 2
P1020382 - Versio 2

From top to bottom: Raw Chocolate Mulberries (The Raw Chocolate Company), Coconut Chips (Flores Farm – info in finnish, here in German) and Christmas Gold Chocolate (Rawr).

The mulberries are great just as a sweet treat, with a good cup of tea or good coffee. The mulberries are loaded with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals – and when you top it with the other antioxidant wonder raw chocolate… Pow!!! AND it tastes like heaven.

The coconut chips are great as a yummy snack, on top of a fruit salad/yoghurt or wherever you feel like using these babies. These coconut chips taste so different from the coconut products you can buy from the supermarket; these coconuts are crispy yet a bit tender and have a great naturally sweet flavor to them.

The Golden Chocolate is a fantastic alternative to white chocolate, for those who don’t dig/do dairy or just otherwise want a raw alternative. The chocolate is a bit crispy (which I love) and just as the mulberries – perfect pair with a great cup of tea or coffee.

And a reminder to wrap up this extra delicious post:



 ♥ Viola


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