FF is for…. Freezing Friday

ladut 2

I love to walk outdoors daily. But today I might skip my daily walk … Because it is freezing with a big fat capital F outside! BRRRR.

I am not a huge fan of winter, being a summery girl by heart, but (before today) this winter has been a lot easier than any of the previous ones… Well, maybe it has something to do with the fact that I spent a major part of this winter in the US with nice sunny skies, hahaa.

After I came back from the States, there were so many things I just loved even more about Helsinki than I did before, that I decided not to stress about the freezing temperatures, snowstorms and all that. So I decided to skip complaining about the weather totally this winter! I also started a blog called 60 talvi / 60 winter to spark up this winter season – check it out if you feel like you need some winter inspiration! (I know I do today!…)

minä lasit - Versio 2

But I do have to admit it… This day is pushing my buttons! Too cold for this beach and flip flop loving girl. I got to admit that it is beautiful outside though!

Well anyways, no complaining about the minus degrees because what’s the point? Especially if I complain outside – my mouth might freeze in the middle of the sentence… Hahaaaa… Laughing could be dangerous too!

Despite of the freezing temperatures (even inside the house), I did make a delicious pasta today BUT it was kind of too delicious – cause I forgot to take a photo…

Anyway, this was what I had in my Avocado Pasta dish:

– wholewheat pasta

– lemon juice (real lemon)

– avocado

– parmesan cheese

– salt (himalayan)

– black pepper

– diced & fried onion

Just tossed everything together when the pasta was cooked…. So simple and oh so yummee!

frozen smiles & avocado loving,

 ♥ Viola

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