At times

Wellabe is all about spreading fun health tips, positive vibes and everything fun & sassy for you guys, my lovely readers. I always aim to write in a way that I imagine could make your day a bit sparklier, more positive and fun.

All that comes from the heart and I truly believe in every positive thought I post here.

But since I think it’s always good to be honest (honesty is damn truly always the best policy!), let’s face it, everyone has bad days. And on those days I sometimes wonder “What on earth am I going to post about to Wellabe today? No one wants to hear about this day!”


If you are like me, and kind of hard on yourself when you aren’t being the sparkliest version of yourself for one reason or another – just take a break and breath. It’s okay to feel down, pissed off, annoyed or sad at times. Hey come on, what would there be to learn about life without all kind of emotions? But do remember that they are just emotions, feelings that you have about things – and that they will pass.

We all get our own share of problems and issues that are hard – but it’s our own attitude that affects so strongly to the way we see those things. You have probably experienced the fact that when you are really feeling down, the whole world seems to be against you – because of the “bad day”-lenses on your eyes. But then again – when you are feeling grrrrreat, the universe feels like a musical and you are the shining star on the stage! This is always good to remember – that your thoughts really do shape your world.

But then at times you may feel like “Yeah I know I should stay positive, but oh that jerk/situation/thing is driving me crazeeee!”… And life does throw challenges, complicated issues and relationship dilemmas at us – things, that we don’t always have control over.


I think that at those times it’s more than fine to just take a break from everything, watch a movie, read a book, listen to some super groovy music and shut down your phone. Chocolate is pretty powerful too (try the Salt & Nibs one from Pacari).

And do remember this:

“If you understood the extraordinary gifts every challenge makes possible, you’d celebrate them as omens of new beginnings.”

– Mike Dooley


 ♥ Viola



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