let’s work (it) out

Stress? Anxiety? Worries? Restlessness? Tiredness? Too much/little energy?

The solution to all of the above mentioned symptoms (and to practically anything else too) is… (get outdoors and) move!


The outdoors part is optional, but I do recommend it so very much! But if  you love the gym – then of course you can move your butt indoors too.

But then again, if you are like me, and love to hang out outdoors – take your workout out into the fresh air and just feel how your mind gets cleared up and how you just feel so much better in an instant… I have never regretted going outdoors for my walk/run. It may be hard to get yourself out the door sometimes – but it is always worth it. I would be officially crazy these days without my daily time outside. Reeeeally crazy.


And whenever you need some motivation to get yourself out the door… Do what I do: think that you are in a Nike-commercial…

Hear that beat of the music, put that cool and a bit tough athlete expression on your face, skip and jump around as you were preparing for a race… (yes you will look weird – but at least you’ll have space to workout cause people will avoid coming near you)

Oh yea, and get some fun workout clothes!  Nothing worse than bumping into a friend or that McDreamy-man-of-your-dreams while running outdoors; sweaty AND wearing your grampa’s old trainer shorts… (I have had too many experiences on running into friends while in weirdo workout outfits – I have learned my lesson)

loving my workouts in fresh air & sunshine (while not wearing old grampa shorts),

♥ Viola

pics: unknown via Pinterest

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