Your life, your people – choose wisely


Yep. The title says it all really – you deserve a kick-ass life so choose your people, especially those closest to you, carefully and wisely.

Have a friend that you’ve known since forever but with whom you just don’t click anymore? Though once being good friends you may nowadays feel disconnected with your friend, like you are worlds apart from where you once were. Or maybe your friend doesn’t share your current way of thinking or living, in a way that makes being together more draining than energizing. You may have shared amazing times with that person, but sometimes it might be better, for both parties involved, to just let go.

(As a sidenote I just want to add that by a draining friend, I mean someone who constantly takes all your energy – while you never receive any. So I am not saying people are not allowed to have negative feelings about life, but there is a difference between sharing these emotions and being stuck in a negative mindset 24/7.)



Sometimes you may hear the saying “people don’t change”, but I think… well, they do. The very core personality of a person may not change that much – but speaking from my own experience, people can and do change – even a lot sometimes. This may not be the case with everyone, but I do know that I have personally changed a lot during the past years – in a way that makes it funny to look at old pictures of me… Looking at these old pics, I just think “Awww I just had no idea of anything that time..” and just feel I am looking at someone totally different.

This is the case with many of us – life changes, big things happen; sad, happy, confusing and everything in between. And through these events people change – in what direction – that’s up to them.

So if you feel like you’ve changed, maybe in a a way that has made you see all the possibilities life can offer you more clearly… And at the same time your old friend or friends may be stuck in negativity and just don’t get your smiley grins – and maybe even tell you that you annoy them with that happy face of yours… I gotta break the news here darling – it’s time to move on. 


When you choose to live your life, in one way or another, you need the people in it to match that life and the way of living you wish to have. If what you want is a happy life, full of giggles and sunshine – well, it’s all yours to have, just start building it with the main ingredients of it; good people, your people . Life is supposed to be fun – and if your current peeps don’t share this point of view, it’s time to start grooving and jiving among new crowds.

“We are the average of the five people we spend the most time with.” Jim Rohn


I vote for loud giggles and high-fives in the air,

♥ Viola

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