pep talk & chocolate smoothies

This video is easily the best pep talk-clip I have ever seen!

Plus this kid president made me laugh out laud which made this greyscaled day feel a lot better in an instant.

Now where can I vote for this kinda president?

Enjoy the clip with a smoothie:

Coconutty Chocolate Dream

P1020385 - Versio 2

I love coconut in my smoothies…

– 1 tablespoon raw chocolate powder

– 1 cup of frozen strawberries

– a good splash of almond milk (or whatevery you like to use)

– a small banana

– a few fresh dates

– a bit of dried coconut chips / shredded coconut

– some shredded, fresh mint 

– Blend everything – and start your chocolatey dreaming…

boring is easy but spectacular is way more fun (and sounds fancy),

♥ Viola

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