furry lovin’


A few years away my beloved dog, my soulmate in a furry uniform, passed away. We got her when I was a kid, so I grew up with her by my side. I’ll probably never stop missing her funny face and calling her “The Big Thinker”. (Yep – she was wise! Though I bet that’s what all the pet owners say.)

But pets do teach us a lot, about us, them and everything in between. I am a huge animal lover and get very annoyingly loving among pets (I start talking in a very high-pitch voice cause I get so excited), but I gotta say – they are the best remedy for just about everything; stress, anxiety, heart ache – you name it.

If I could, I would probably get a new dog – but that’s not possible right now. If you got that possibility, give it a lot of thought. Cause those furry little creatures need and deserve a lot of time, love, attention and fun living. So if you know you got all that covered, go ahead, invest in your own little love bank. It really is worth it. It’s one of the best well-being tips I know – hanging out with a happily silly and fun loving animal friend.

You thought this was muchy enough? Not yet! Watch this clip and say awww:

 furry faces never fail to melt my heart (unless their human, then the furriness alone is just…furry),

♥ Viola

pic: Pinterest


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