for all you superwomen


Superpower Hot Chocolate

almond milk / milk of your choice

raw cacao powder

liquid stevia

a dash of real vanilla

1. Warm up your milk in your saucepan. (the amount depending on the size of your hot chocolate cup)

2. Add some raw cacao (start with one tablespoon – then taste – add more if needed). Whisk the cacao well into the milk.

(We don’t like clumps of cacao powder in there!)

3. Add stevia, according to taste. Start carefully, with just a few drops. 

4. Add in a small dash of vanilla. (Yum-mee)

5. Pour into your favorite mug. (Extra points if it’s cute & colorful!)

Po-pow! Feel your superwoman vibes going through the roof! (Raw cacao is packed with nutrients, minerals, vitamins and all those goodies that will make you feel amazing… plus it’s chocolate – so hey, no complaining here!)

You can enjoy your cacao while listening to one very superwomanly singer, Alicia Keys:

chocolate moustaches and good old Alicia tunes,

♥ Viola

pic: unknown via Pinterest

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