There’s no business like hair business

Yep, hair is often a pretty important deal to us ladies. Short, long, curly, wavy, straight – whatever you hair type is, taking care of your precious locks is a must if you want to dazzle people with your “head crown”.

I have worked as a hair stylist back in the day, and I know a few tips and tricks when it comes to hair and keeping it in good condition. So to continue the beauty posting series that I recently started, here you go sweeties, my favorite frizzy hair-saviour right now:


Sante’s Hair Treatment 2 in 1 

This conditioner can be used in the normal way (just a few minutes after shampooing), or as a hair mask. Love it both ways. I usually use it as a mask (keep it in my hair for about 10 minutes), since winter makes my hair more dry. This conditioner makes my hair smoother and softer without making it flat. (I do not dig flat hair!)

Only minus is that I was expecting more of a mango scent – but the scent is still very fresh. I also noticed that my naturally curly hair had a much more nicer curl to it after using this product.

The products is meant for dry/colored hair, so I’d say it’s pretty good for most of us. And depending on the dryness level of your hair you can choose how you want to use it; as a conditioner or as a pampering hair mask.


me and my curls are digging my new hair friend,

♥ Viola


Sante’s website in the US: Sante USA

If you’d like to buy Sante’s stuff in Finland, go here.


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