I heart you!




Whatever people say about Valentine’s Day and the commercialism of it – I think this is a good day to praise those near and dear to us, to give a hug and throw some wide smiles in there, everywhere you go… If everybody would smile a bit more to strangers (not in a weird way though), say “thank you” a lot more – even when it feels not that important to you (it could make somebody’s day!), compliment a friend/loved one, shout a big friendly “Hello!” to everyone you meet during your day (you want to smile when doing it – it may seem weird with a poker face) and just pay attention to those little moments we have with people we meet in our everyday lives… I bet there would be lots of lovey vibes in the air – and not just on Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day all you lovely wellabees!


♥ Viola

pics: Pinterest, thecools.com, thenamessis.polyvore.com

PS. I just had a moment similar to the text below yesterday – not sure about people loving me when I have my crazy-giggly moments in public, but it’s nice to think that! And it’s nice to know I can at least count on my people doing so – cause they are usually the only ones laughing with me…


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