salad sign

Yep, the cravings for salads are a sure sign… that spring really, truly is coming! (we have been waiting for this love of ours for a good amount of time here in Finland this year)

So, to honor my love for these green sprintime meals, I give you one very simple and oh so delicious salad recipe;

Broccoli Gone Divine-salad

– lots of salad (choose your fav greens here)

– some halloumi cheese / goat cheese

– a good amount of broccoli (choose organic if possible)

(sesame seeds, optional)

+ raw veggies of your choice (I used tomatoes & cucumber)

1. Roast the broccoli in coconut oil on a hot pan. Add some good salt, black pepper, balsamic vinegar and honey. Let the broccoli cool a bit.

2. Fry the halloumi / goat cheese on a pan till golden brown. 

3. Put the chopped salad in your salad bowl, add the cheese & broccoli on top.

4. Add the sesame seeds. (These seeds are an amazing source of calcium by the way!)

5. Add some good olive oil, lemon juice and a little dash on good salt & pepper on top of your gorgeous bowl of salad. 

6. Enjoy and say “by-bye winter, welcome sunshine”!



P1090160 - Versio 2

If salad is “bunny food” I am one giant bunnygirl!



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