hey home

My future home is still going through the visualizing-process, but it’s in my mind every day.

I want to say that I visualize it rather than dream about it because I know my home is out there and I am gonna find my way there soon…

So here you go, my future home…

It has a lot of light:


There’s a lot of ice creamy happily bright colors:


… and twinkly lights of course (here seen in my future garden) :


I can look outside from the kitchen (the pool is a nice bonus):


Well I gotta have flowers:


There’s a lot of cute stuff in jars – cause I go weak when it comes to colorful cuteness and jars:




 I go crazy for home decor & my future home,


PS. But of course, most of all, my home is filled with (caution; it’s about to get extremely mushy):

Goofy fun moments,

midnight converstations and

morning chit chats,

kisses and hugs,

support and cheers…

Yeah, you could also just say love.



pics: all from Pinterest (unkown source)

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