we are back together


Yep it’s true. Me and my beloved running shoes are very much like newlyweds again… Throughout the long and very cold winter I have been eyeballing my sneakers with a sad glimpse in my eye, like a loved one you once had but then lost… Cause that’s how it felt. It felt like I would never run again, thanks to the icy sidewalks and freezing temperatures. (I know some people love to run in the winter – but I just ain’t one of those people)

But oh bliss! For the past few mornings I have started my day with jogging… In the sun! Yes, SUN! Gosh how good the rays of sunshine can feel on your face after those long dark winterdays…

And as a very heartwarming bonus I get to meet these beautiful furry creatures every morning:

hepat ja oksat


And after my  morning jog I have been loving this smoothie:

Sunshiny morning – smoothie

(for two)

a banana

a handful of frozen strawberries

a handful of frozen blackcurrants

some frozen mango & pineapple (or other fruits of your choice)

a mini-dash of stevia, if needed


a splash of coconut milk

– Blend everything until super smooth.

(Note: you can also use non-frozen berries & fruit, just add ice to the recipe)

hey mornings… I really, really like you


ps. I am gonna own a horse of my own one day.. But until then it’s pretty cool to have these cuties practically in my backyard.


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