back to the desert (+ a dessert)


That’s me and a  finnish sport/fitness magazine called FIT in the pic. I got caught by my lunch date’s camera while reading the article that I wrote about my Green Tortoise adventure bus trip to Death Valley (in November).

It was so much fun to write about the trip (oh how I miss the Californian desert) and I couldn’t be happier that FIT published my article since I really like their magazine (and no one paid me to say this). It’s fresh, fun and full of great articles about exercise, overall well-being and just everything about women and sports… And I love the colors of the cover!

Then from magazines to … Easter! Here’s a lovely yellow toned smoothie to enjoy during the holidays:

(sunshiny vibes are not really eastery when you think of the original purpose of Easter, but hey – let’s be creative)

Sunny side up – smoothie

a banana

an orange

 frozen mango, a handful

frozen papaya, a handful

almond milk / coconut milk

– Blend everything in your blender and enjoy!

Happy Easter!

 Viola & The Bunny


pics: my own, Pinterest

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