Lately I have had feelings of failure and anxiety hanging over me – and I ain’t diggin’ it! Like everyone, I have had some easier and harder times in my life… And lately there’s just been a lot of rocks to climb over and these grey scaled feelings have been around because of this.

So I just want to say that if you are feeling anxious, stressed, sad, lonely or depressed… For whatever reason… It’s okay to feel that way. You don’t have to feel bad for not feeling great every single second.

But then after a while, you get up and see that hey – the world is actually damn amazing. Sometimes it takes more time to get to this point and sometimes circumstances shift their places fast to show you all the glory of living… Whatever the case, just know that you are just as unique and special even when you are feeling low.

And that when you have a shitty day – it’s more than okay to enjoy some Ben & Jerry’s.

hakuna matata is right around the corner,



pics: Pinterest (unknown), buzzfeed.com





2 thoughts on “honestly

  1. Oh thank you! Sorry about the delay in my response, somehow managed to miss you comment. Sunshine is here again, and I am sending it to you too darling!

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