my wrinkled future?


A colleague (that I knew through working in the beauty business) once told me that I should stop moving my face muscles as expressively as I do so I wouldn’t get tons of wrinkles. I guess she was worried that I would end up a raisin, since I do laugh a lot and I am not exactly what you’d call a poker-face.

She herself had decided not to move her forehead when she was thirteen, because she didn’t want any ugly lines appearing on her face.

Now I do admit I love my serums and lotions and I don’t especially wish for a really raisiny face but when it comes to laughing or experiencing feeling through my facial expressions… I really am not gonna give that up just to save me from a few extra lines in the future! I have also seen a lot of faces through my job as a make-up artist and let me tell you…

It really is true what they say, beauty is something that grows from within out to the world, not the other way around. The most beautiful faces I’ve seen have been the ones that had a sparkle to them; a glimpse of joy in their eye, a fun spirit or a gentle smile – and these people surely are the kind that don’t want to miss a fun moment in the fear of wrinkles.

Now just take a look at these beautiful 100 year-old faces. Now there’s beauty and life captured in a few frames!





pics: Atlantic, Pinterest (the 1st one)

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