addictive behaviour

I am very much addicted to something I never thought I would get hooked on… My newly found love is called Body Combat. It’s a Les Mills-workout that I get to enjoy of at my gym. It’s like a fun mix of crazy kicking, jumping like a mad man and picturing yourself as a ninja warrior. Here’s a clip to show you what combat is if it’s new to you:


When I am at my combat class, I get that famous flow-feeling that you hear so much about these days…That feeling of totally plunging into a moment, not caring about the outside world for that precious chunk of time while in your flow… And oh how I love my combatflow!


If you are still searching for your flow-type exercise, here are a few sports you could try:


Tabata – For those already fit; this is a high-intense workout

Piloxing – A mix of pilates & boxing

SUP Yoga – Yoga meets the surf board! (this sport is coming to Finland next summer)

(Other great options you can google are: vinyasa flow yoga, aqua running, circue du soleil fitness-classes, fitball etc.)

Hope you have found/will soon find your sport, the one that makes you feel like one sexy beast! (cause that’s what you are)

 I am a ninjaaaaaa,


PS: If you are a combat-lover, check out Les Mills’s Youtube-channel. They’ve filmed videos about the right techniques to have at class. These clips may help you get even more out of all that kicking and jumping!


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