life lessons / negativity (oh so passé!)



I think I was born with a mindset (+ a fun family) which made me believe from early on that people in general are fun, nice and friendly. I still hang on to this, cause I do believe that majority of the people are simply good people – but sometimes you do bump into people who have negativity coming out from their words, attitude or both.

And I am not talking about the normal kind of bad day-vibes that we all have at times. I mean the kind of negativity that steals the joy and kicks the giggles out of the window.

The greatest thing (or one of them) that I have learned through life is this: I am very happy in my own bubble of positivity and I am not going to let anyone burst it just because they don’t feel life is that fun. And neither should you!

So. Don’t let anyone steal your shine. Sooner or later the negative nellies will get it too (or not, but that’s not your problem) – and they will realize this:



friendliness is so sexy,

♥ Viola

pics: Pinterest (unknown)


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