this is LOVE


Hello springtime! Sunshine and lovin’ makes me feel oh so very gooood!

I feel so ashamed!!! This is because I have somehow managed to forget to post about an amazing event. An event called falling in love… Yep, and this is love with a capital L, cause my baby took my heart the second we met…

Today my knight in shiny armer and I meet every single day. First in the morning (we both love smoothies)… Then in the afternoon we might have another hot date, if we are that lucky… And in the evening we make dinner together…

My lover is called VITAMIX. (If you don’t remember, I have posted about my love for Vitamix-blenders and my big dream to have one already earlier)


To honor the love for my new partner in life, I will post more about my Vitamix soon, maybe a recipe video… Cause this baby keeps making me the most amazing smoothies I have ever had!

never knew how much one can love a kitchen tool,

♥ Viola

pics: my own, second one is an illustration by Tim Silbaugh (from Pinterest)

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