passionately present


I just saw this documentary on tv… There was an older gentleman who talked about his life, and moreover about his work. He had a shop (I suspect it was somewhere in the finnish countryside), which to the outside just looked like a crammed shop full of everything from leggins and hoodies to fake flowers and candles.

But this shop owner… Wow. He was so passionate about his shop and being a salesman that I think he is the greatest example of passion. Cause I don’t dig the way passion is often linked only to artists or singers etc… Passion is for everyone. Passion is life. Passion is a way of living like everything you do matters.

This shop owner-gentleman told to the camera that he treats every  customer like a king – “and like a queen if it’s a she”…

“A little bow, a wide smile and a friendly attitude – that’s what I give to every customer who enters the shop. I just love people”.

One of my passion sources is music – and this song is one of my favorites right now:

passion can be Picasso or a love for rubberboots,  

♥ Viola

pic: Pinterest (source unknown)


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