a day in the life…

Just a random picture post about a day of mine this week.

Cause randomness is so very okay, especially on a Saturday.

What a way to start a new day. I had a super delicious cappuccino at Good Life Coffee. And what do you know, they were celebrating GLC’s 1 year-anniversary and all coffees were 50% off. So me and my breakfast gal had two cappus for the price of one! If you live in Helsinki, I highly recommend this place, they just simply make amazingly good coffee there.


After my morning coffee and a lovely noon spent in the city, I had some time to go home and whip up a smoothie for myself… In the pic you can see me and my carrot-strawberry drink – though you don’t really see the smoothie, cause I was so focused on getting my owl-ring into the picture… And there it is! (just a sidenote: why do fingers look so totally weird in pictures?… And toes too..What’s up with that?)


   Here’s a better shot of my smoothie. Or it was actually a juice meets smoothie kind of a drink – very fresh! (I just blended a few carrots + some frozen strawberries + water in the Vitamix)


After the smoothie came a lot of very boring stuff – so I didn’t really feel like taking pictures. These moments included: waiting in line for service (for ages), the bus breaking down on my way home from a meeting, cleaning up and some other supersexy moments, hehe.

In the evening I went to see some stand-up comedy! During the night there were 10 stand-up comedians on the stage so it didn’t get boring at any point… 

Plus twinkly lights are always a huge plus if you ask me. 


That was it! A day in my life… Now I am off, cause the sun is shining after a few very grey days… So I think I might even try a little picnic action today! Oh my – spring is just the best thing ever, if you ask me…

If Spring was a person – I am damn sure we’d be soulmates,

♥ Viola

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