I have seen the light

P1030208 - Versio 2

When it comes to skin care products, I can honestly say I am not easy to please. With that said there has been a couple of skin care newbies in my life lately that I am already loving… A lot.

My new eye cream (pictured above) is one of them. It is a part of a product line called Mia Höytö Cosmetics, a finnish skin care-line founded in 2011. 

A bit about the story behind these lovely products (from the “About Us” section on the company’s website):

“…Love for Finland and its pure environment inspired us to use organic Sea Buck Thorn Seed Oil as well as organic Blackcurrant Seed Oil from the Finnish nature. All the products are designed and manufactured in Finland to guarantee the best possible quality.

Organic means quality to us. We want to nourish ourselves with healthy organic food and give the skin the treatment it needs in certified organic form. Therefore we make these products. Creating this organic certified skin care line requires a lot of co-operation with the best Finnish professionals. As a recognition of our hard work we were given the Ecocert certificate to prove our passion for organic and environmentally friendly operation.

We love what we do and we know that You will find the passion in our products!”

Read the whole description here.

First of all, the look of the Mia Höytö Cosmetics-products is perfect is you ask me. The crisp whiteness plus the simplicity is something that really appeals to me – many eco-labeled skin care lines are not that appealing to me, aesthetically speaking. Mia Höytö-products are a big, pretty exception. I love if my beauty products look nice on the shelf and these jars of loveliness really do just that.


And then the names, which got me the very first time I heard them. The eye cream is called Valo (Light), the moisturising cream is called Ihana (Lovely), then there is an intensive moisturising facial cream called Unelma (Dream) and a facial cleansing gel called Kaunis (Beautiful). And they haven’t forgotten about the body; there’s also a body cream called Silkki (Silk). Why name your products with names that are way too complicated when you can just have a products called “Dream” or “Light”?

Okay, now onto the products itself.. I have now been testing Valo, the eye cream, and I really, really like it.

P1030214 - Versio 2

This eye cream is very creamy but so easy to apply, it goes on super smooth. It also moisturises really well and works great under make-up. I put it on both morning and night, and I actually have noticed a difference – my eye area looks more even and fresh.

So, if you haven’t yet heard or tried Mia Höytö Cosmetics products – I highly recommend you to try them.

More about Mia Höytö Cosmetics from their website: Mia Höytö Cosmetics.

Can you apply eye cream several times a day if you love it so much?

♥ Viola


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