the best medicine to cure a blocked mind


Oh yea. I have found it again. The joy of running. Or should I say jogging – cause I am still catching up on the speed thing… The winter was long and I don’t like running in the sleet, snow and stormy winds.

But my oh my, I don’t know how it’s possible that you can get so happy from the simple act of putting on your running shoes and going outdoors – breathing in the fresh spring air and just… running.

My head is the kind of type you just want to say “oh my lord, won’t you ever shut up…like never ever?” to… Well, I guess that’s pretty much the case with many of us these days. My head is in a constant state of chatterbox-mode. It’s telling me about things I should not forget, about things I should forget, people I should call or meet, laundry I should wash, letters to send, workouts to do this week, pointless stuff to worry about, bags to pack and so on and so on and sooooo oooon…


But a few years ago I found a way to a blissful state of being that really brought something new to my life… When I am running, I just simply am. I put my music on and go. No chatteryboxes going on in my little old brain. Just me, the woods or the streets of the city (depending where I am at), and the constant change of scenery as I go on.

And running is like a close friend to me. It’s been by my side when I went to work in Paris all by myself and knew nobody – soon I had familiar blocks and people everywhere, thanks to my daily running… And when I had a pretty hard time one year, I ran the blocks of my street to calm my nerves… Or when all the paths I wanted to walk on seemed blocked and I felt nobody understood – running came and saved me… Once again.


I should try try a 5AM run soon – I have done 6AM running at times and it’s pretty magical with the world still partly asleep…I am guessing that 5AM run with the sun rising must be pretty damn special.

And now, at this point  in my life where I totally love being me but still have some pretty big stuff on my mind (and that I feel overwhelmed with at times), I go and run. And even on those lucky days when I have nothing to figure out or stressful situations to solve – I still wanna do it. I still run.

I run because that’s what you do with a friend you love. Hang out even without any reason at all.

And everytime you meet it feels like home.

I need to get this song on my iPod’s running-playlist… 

off to hang out with my buddy,

♥ Viola

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