good morning love


Morning time is unique. I think there is something truly special about the fact that every day the sun rises up, no matter what happened yesterday…  It’s a new day.

When I lived in France during my childhood years I felt that the mornings spent with freshly baked baguettes, sunshine, birds in the sky and the church bells ringing – they were what happiness was made about. I remember  thinking“this is what is feels like, being really, really happy.”

Now that it is finally and officially spring here in Finland my love for mornings is just crazy, off-the-charts high kind of loving. To see the flowers on the backyard coming up, the grass starting to get a bit green (more so every day) and to play some fun morning music and make a really good cup of coffee… It doesn’t get a lot better than that!

I usually never sleep a lot past 7AM because I feel I am missing my morning magic then. Right now I wake up around 6.30 AM – but I think as the summer season is here I will start my summery habit of getting up at 6AM and going for a run or doing yoga outside.

Summer mornings, here I come!

Maybe I will take these babies on a early morning run tomorrow? 



Add some groovy music to your morning and jam…

 If you start your days with some fresh strawberries your day is off to a sweet start.

(I had some this morning… Helloooo summer!)


I remember taking this pic as I saw the sun rise in Vegas (my 1st time there)… True morning bliss.



Yeah, mornings make me feel like crazy in love – can’t sleep and can’t help but smile,

♥ Viola

pics: my own


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