What I know to be true

To make this Monday a bit special, I created a list of some life lessons, things I have learned to be true/useful to know or do.


Here you go!

1. It’s really good to read. And I mean to read actual real books. I think my mind grows bigger every time I read a new book.

If you feel you don’t have time to read today, at least watch this magical clip. It’s based on Dr. Seuss’s final book “Oh, the places you’ll go”, a story about life’s ups and downs, told by the people of Burning Man 2011. My favorite clip.

2. Anything covered in good, dark chocolate is heavenly. Well, almost anything… I wouldn’t wrap a salami in my chocolate. But luckily I don’t eat meat so I can skip this weird chocolate treat easily.

3. When you feel everything is just shit, dance like a maniac. If it doesn’t improve your mood at least you will feel like an idiot. And that’s better than sad!

4. “Keep your friends closer, but your enemies closer”. So not true. Step away from people who make you feel bad and give room for lightness, fun living and love. (below one of my biggest love sources; the best ever grandma and yes, she is My Grandma <3)

423770_10151024015786491_86876950_n 2

5. If you have someone you can call even when you have absolutely nothing important to tell them, someone to tell your most stupid stories to, someone who cares about you even when you are annoying… Remember how lucky you are! People who really get you are priceless.

6. When you have to do something (finish a project on time, get a school thing done etc), make yourself a schedule. I have learned that this is the way to do it. But oh boy was learning this hard!

7. Drink water. Dehydration makes you look dry and old plus drinking water is just the easiest and cheapest way towards a better health.

8. When you feel not that great about yourself, treat yourself with this pep talk:

9. Don’t forget your loved ones. Ever.

I got a postcard from a loved one and it totally made my day. It also made me think how little it takes to make someone feel so very special. (For you non-finnish peeps, those words on the cards are just all kinds of sweet adjectives.)

I got this card in the mail, it wasn’t my b-day or anything – the sender just said she had been thinking about me and that’s why she made me a card… I cried a bit! She made so happy with this card… (btw don’t you just love to receive a real postcard these days?)


And sure there are times in your life when you are buzzy and have a lot going on, and true friends get that. Still, it’s so important to be grateful for those around us; rather go overboard with I love you’s and Thank you’s than just “trust” that “they know how important they are”. Everyone needs and deserves to hear that they are special. The world would be a much better place to live if we all got to hear we are unique and loved every morning!

10. Watch a Tom Hanks-movie. (if you wonder about this one, you should just watch Forrest Gump. Or if feeling like some romance, pick You’ve got mail)

random life lessons from me to you,

♥ Viola

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