oh so goodio!

Big, delicious news ahead!

Lately I ‘ve been hanging out at a very personal heaven of mine. And how come…? Well, I have found a raw chocolate brand that makes the best raw chocolate. Best ever. Seriously.

Goodio is a company from Finland (Yay!) and here’s how they describe themselves on the About us-section on their website:
“Greetings from Finland! We are Goodio, a small up-and-coming company with a big heart and a sweet tooth. We believe all good goes hand in hand. And bringing natural, nutritious & tasty foods to the world in a responsible manner is our way of spreading those positive vibes. You are more than welcome to join our good mood food movement!”
Although the chocolate is pricey (4,90 in euros), I am very willing to pay this price for this raw treat. And raw chocolates are never cheap, and that’s because it obviously costs more to produce “real deal” chocolate with high quality ingredients.
And with Goodio, it’s also great to know that they make the chocolates here in Helsinki, in their own little chocolate factory. How cool is that! (And don’t you just think a little chocolate factory sounds like the most fun place to work? Makes me think dressing up like Willy Wonka before heading to work…)
And then I couldn’t control myself anymore, had to take a bite…
Oh my, all this chocolatey talk makes me crave some Goodio…. Have to go and see if I got any left!
heaven is… a good chocolate bar waiting to get unwrapped,
♥ Viola
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