sometimes I worry


Yeah it gets us all every now and then (cause we are human). Worrying.

Lately there’s been some moments in my life where I have caught myself worrying. And though it’s okay to feel this way at times I personally think worrying does no good in the end.

There may be times when it seems to you that you aren’t going anywhere or things just aren’t moving forwards or going the way you wished them to go. Or maybe you feel like “everyone else” (who is this everyone else anyway?) is going to places, getting married/engaged/ falling madly in love, having babies, getting super fit or whatever it is you are worried about right now.

Well, good news ahead! First of all, you are a human being. It’s okay to worry a bit sometimes. But letting any worry stop you from moving forward and pursuing whatever it is you dream about, that’s just not good.


People sometimes have asked me “how come you are always so happy?” or “how come you never worry about stuff”. Well heck yea, there’s been things in my life that have made me sad, disappointed and got me worried. Cause hey, I cannot control other people or the whole world so of course there’s some not so fabulous stuff at times.

But I try to let go of those things quickly. It’s okay to be sad a bit, but then…. let go. It’s okay to worry about your relationship/not being in one, your work, your life, how you gonna manage with this or that, but then… let go. Cause what I have noticed that worrying in the long-term never helps, like never ever.

And isn’t it so much cooler to kick worrying, discouraging people and bad events in the ass and just keep going?

I think this quote says it all:


Sparkles up!

♥ Viola

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