mellow dudes


I am in a pancake bliss! One day I was googling some simple recipes and came across these amazingly easy pancakes… they are also amazingly good. The recipe I came across had (check it out from Blogilates):

1 ripe banana

2 whole eggs

.. This recipe was very good but I just wanted to try if adding just a bit of flour would help to make the pancakes easier to flip over (cause it was a bit tricky)… And it did! I think the flour also made them a more fluffy. I also added some salt & cinnamon (you know me and cinnamon). So this is my recipe:

Simply Good Pancakes 

(makes 1-2 portions)

1 big banana

2 organic eggs

1-2 tablespoons of buckwheat flour

a small dash of almond milk/milk of your choice (or water)

a bit of himalayan sea salt

a dash of cinnamon 

(some cardamom, if you feel like it – I love it)

virgin coconut oil (for frying)


1. Mix everything in your blender until nice’n’fluffy.

2. Put some virgin coconut oil on your pan.

3. Fry your pancakes on the hot (not too hot! makes it hard to flip the pancakes) pan. 

4. Put some groovy tune (like Ben Harper etc)  on your speakers and eat your pancakes. Life is pretty good isn’t it?

if foods had personalities I am pretty sure pancakes would be mellow and happy kinda guys,

♥ Viola


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