when you feel out of your groove


Some things I like to do when I feel like losing my jazz:

– Make something pretty/fun. Creating stuff helps your mind flow better again. (And hey, if you fail, don’t worry. Seek comfort from these Pinterest fails. Cause we all know the feeling when your food/craft project etc. is nothing like the “original”! Heehehee.)

– Eat pancakes. Like these babies.

– Clean. Okay I am weird cause I like cleaning… But this one helps! Clear your desk/space around you and pa-pow! Feels like a whole new situation. Get cleanspiration from this lovely site. Ahh, I could organize drawers for a living…

– If feeling fancypantsy, buy flowers. Actually buy flowers anyway. Flowers never fail to bring good vibes!


– Or just watch this. And then feel like just dropping all the excuses and realize your groove is always inside you!

your jazz never really goes anywhere – you are The Jazz!

♥ Viola


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