I got a secret for you

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Feeling good isn’t all about smoothies… It’s about what’s inside of you… And muffins as well.

If I could give just one wellness tip for people who wanted to feel better and go on to meet the world full of energy, it would be…

Not smoothies,

not running or going to the gym,

not eating C-vitamin, 

not drinking water,

not avoiding white bread or sugar,

not eating more veggies and munching on leafy greens…

You get my point.

Though all of these all important (and yea, I would go on telling you about all those things if I could give more than one tip), but if I’d have to choose one thing that I have learned is so, so important when it comes to feeling better about everything, it would be – get ready for the best feel good fast-tip  – listening to your heart. Mushy, yeah. A cliche? You betcha.

Listening to your heart, the voice inside your head, your soul, call it what you want but that’s what makes the greatest difference about everything. To your well-being, your general vibes and your whole life.

This may seem like the most lousy tip for some, and I get why. You want me to share easy to follow-kinda tips; eat fresh fruit juice, go for a walk or hire a personal trainer. 

And yea sure, all of that helps, and can make a huge difference. But still, no amount of gym visits will bring you that ultimate wellness if you don’t cherish your inner half as well.

So here’s the case, listening to your heart/inner voice/gut/whateva you call it, from a well-being perspective – and why you should do it:

1. Find people who make you feel good. Life is too grand to be hanging out with people who drag you down. People who make you laugh and feel happily silly, fun, exciting and just plain old good… Keepers!

2. Find a sport you love – you’ll know when the match comes. Try new stuff, there’s so much variety. Aerial yoga? Cricket? Or maybe tap Dancing?


3. Find a girl or a guy YOU find damn amazing. Remember things sometimes come wrapped in a different kind of a form than you may have anticipated – but it’s all oh-so-right when it clicks. But don’t let others choose your guy or girl for you, and I mean never ever… Your heart will know.

4. Make good food, foods YOU love. Your body and your inner gut knows if the foods your eating are just no way near the kind of stuff you should be having, things that are good for YOU. Food is simple but humans are not. We all have different kind of metabolisms, genes etc. All this comes down to individuality and tuning in – simply put; if you feel crap after eating meat – ditch it for a while and see how you feel. Or maybe it’s milk that causes you to bloat… Leave it for a while and see if there’s a difference. Your body knows this stuff better than you do, listen to it.


5. Love your work. Study what you are passionate about.

Sometimes there’s times you end up working at a place you don’t dig and actually you kind of… hate your job. Been there. But hey – if you cannot just leave everything right now and go and study a new profession, start with the small stuff. Plan ahead, write down fun ideas you have related to your work or studies or that new career path. See if you could go and take some courses about a subject you love. Spend time with people who do the work you’d love to do someday. Every little step is always a step forward… And if you already love your work/school – YAY!

listen to your heart, when it’s calling for you..

(that song is so very stuck in my head now)

♥ Viola


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