Time for some DIY


Okay, time to get my hands on this little project of mine, that I have been planning for a while already… I am going to start blogging about some fun DIY-projects here on the blog from time to time! And in the spirit of Wellabe, these projects will be useful things that you can use to make your everyday sparkle a bit more!

So, let’s start.

This first project is a super easy one. It is a cool herb jar that you can make for yourself in less than 10 minutes. (well, you got to wait for the paint to dry, but during that time you can just go and skip through some summery fields or whatever you choose to do)


Herby Jar

What you will need:

a small jar

some chalkboard paint

a paintbrush

some old newspapers (to protect your surroundings from the paint)


1. Paint you jar with the chalkboard paint. I painted mine twice to cover any little bits of whiteness.

 (I was painting other stuff too this day, that’s why I have white fingers…)


2. Let dry overnight.

3. Write your herb name on the jar + place your herb in it. 

IMG_2341 - Versio 2

4. Eat your herbs daily from your lovely jar and enjoy the DIY-vibes!

easy breezy done!

♥ Viola


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